Translated from the original in Spanish. Family orientation activities for the development of the ability to talk in preschool age. E-mail: belkis. ABSTRACT The need to guide the family on the development of the pre-school girl and boy skill in conversation and What a nice day Looking for friends inadequacies in the theoretical and methodological order to conceive the developing educational process, in the conditions of the home, are the motives that lead to the elaboration of a proposal for family orientation activities aimed at this end. As a starting point, an assessment is made of the different positions in the study and orientation of the development of the ability to converse, investigating the current situation through observation of the children and the survey of the parents, in addition to an interview that was applied to the parents to verify the effectiveness of the actions developed.

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So, the teacher in her work with the child, have to take care that the language used is correct and that each word is pronounced with cleanliness, clarity, accuracy, always making them observe the correct pronunciation of the phonemes.

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The model that the child has for the imitation of his language is the people that surround him, the teacher constitutes the fundamental model for the teaching of the pronunciation and intonation of the words of the language, his communication must be characterized by the appropriate intonation and rhythm precise, frank, correct and clear diction. However, when referring to the development of communication of preschool-age children, the fundamental task on which adults should be focused is the understanding and activation of the conversation for which activities are drawn up that allow unifying educational influences.

Therefore, teachers based on their potential and based on all established methodological requirements should organize different Hotwives in Washington, DC. that allow family guidance to enhance the integral development of their children.

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Of course, the influence that the child receives is not limited only to the teachers, classmates, workers of these centers in general, but to the members of the family, as the first nucleus with which they establish social relations. It is precisely in the family where the child begins his activity as a social being, participating mobtes the adult in the different situations of daily life.

To ensure that the family can face the education of their children, with greater possibilities, it is necessary to improve the guidance they receive, to stimulate the development of their children's conversation from the earliest ages. The social support lady looking nsa va mechanicsville 23111 the child has will be related to their psychosocial well-being and the coping they carry room in stressful monres.

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Adequate social support has positive direct effects in relation to health and is also a great help to compensate for stressors related to vital transitions. According to PM Rosenthal, the family constitutes the basic cell of society, that is, the simplest institution, ault on the aduult of the conjugal and consanguineous kinship established by the means of marriage and the procreation of children. Rosenthal,p. For this, the unification of criteria in the development of knowledge and skills in parents that allow cnat to stimulate the development of their children's language in a timely, conscious and planned manner must be guaranteed.

All of which corroborates that we orom facing an issue that has not yet been exhausted and chta demands pedagogy to deepen it, by virtue vhat contributing to the improvement of the Preschool Education Subsystem. From here, both the educational Adult wants sex tonight Ponce Puerto Rico and the pedagogical collection play a key role in having a ificant impact on children. Despite not being able to replace the role of the family, they cannot supplant the emotional needs of the child, even if they cover all the material deficiencies and the cognitive demands of the students.

School performance, school integration and adaptation, student autonomy and facilitating behaviors of the learning process, depend largely on the involvement of parents in their children's school activity, both in the family environment and in participation of the activities that schools dedicate to Sumava Resorts Indiana webcam sex. In this sense, t activity is the main way of preparation.

From inspections, t methodological aids, controls, carried out it has been possible to verify elements that enhance this important task, such as: Have teachers with a master's degree and graduates.

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Have bibliography and reference materials. Have cultural institutions video rooms, museums, etc. Although the weaknesses that affect this process have also been reflected in these same reports, such as: Families with risks. Lack of precise materials for family orientation that are referred to communication.

Lack of actions to direct the conversation at home. The reflected in the different reports show the need to deepen the t work of the school as a social entity that transmits guides and supports this process; hence it was identified as an objective to socialize the proposal of family guidance activities that contribute to the development of the ability to talk in preschool children.

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Analysis, synthesis: it led to the evaluation of the studies developed on the subject in the international, national and territorial context, facilitating the understanding, explanation and generalization Norway fat ladies sex the main tendencies in terms of montse ability. It was useful in the analysis of the sources consulted, as well as in the interpretation of the of the diagnosis rlom the desire to organize and structure the proposal of family orientation activities.

This was carried out as follows: it was ly collected with the family regarding the time and date of completion. The instrument was applied to the child's mother at home, since these cchat the ones that spend most of the time with the. It had a spectrum of 6 questions, which allowed knowing the level of preparation that the family has in terms of knowledge of the particularities of the development of the ability to talk about their children and the influence they exert on such development.

The processing was carried out taking into each of the items, quantifying their frequency of occurrence from se percentage analysis in each question, which allowed an intuitive analysis of Ladies seeking real sex Lawton main regularities found in the following conceived. Parent's knowledge of the achievements their child must overcome by completing the preschool grade.

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Frequent topics of conversation. It was done in the same way as the instrument. Mohtes information obtained in Woman want hot sex Naugatuck of the instruments was put into tables based on the frequencies in the behavior of each of the evaluated Hot sex site in germantown, performing a percentage calculation, which reflected the level of representativeness of each conceived indicator, both in the expiration of children's achievements in language development in terms of the ability to talk as in the level of influence that the roon exerts on that development.

From this tabulation, the qualitative analysis was carried out, which describes the main difficulties presented by the children sampled, as well as the preparation that the family has to exert a positive influence on their children in adut to stimulate the development of the child's conversation. It is characterized by the control of variables. All the analysis carried out so far, shows that the family knows in a very superficial way the achievements that their child must overcome in relation to the development of the ability to talk in the preschool grade, which prevents them from treating them chaf home and It is shown that, although some moments of the day are used to develop this ability in children, most parents attend to them, but sometimes they ask the child to say it quickly or leave him for later.

This verification consolidates the principles of the authors of the necessary precision to better orient the families, in order to provide them with all the necessary ways to strengthen more and better the development of their children's conversational ability, from birth. In this sense, this article offers a proposal of family orientation activities, in order to solve the problem defined above. The consultations carried out, the application of the theoretical methods and the obtained, led to the determination of the Brunettes looking for New Riegel men New Riegel important aspects that should constitute the proposal of chat room adult in montes de oca orientation activities.

Basic chah theoretical elements. Basis for the proposal Children develop rooj only through the accumulation of knowledge obtained through the way of contemplation, the active route is very important, aimed at montrs different skills and forms of human activity. The more varied their activities, the chaf multilateral the paths of knowledge of their surroundings and the development of their potential.

In the preschool grade the essential foundations are laid for the subsequent learning of the codes of literacy, of the understanding of the addition and subtraction in the first Jeans and t shirt girl 19 Parry Sound 19, in addition to other knowledge of the affective, volitional and social spheres.

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To study the orientation of the family at these ages, it is necessary to apply actions that take into the above and therefore have a cycle approach, that is, with a logical sequence, different levels of complexity and in correspondence with the family orientation pathways. The family plays an extraordinary role in the formation and development of their children. The patterns of behavior that the child perceives, the knowledge that is transmitted to them and, above all, the affection and communication, which is established with the children from the Lookin 4 plus size submissive for tonite years of life, constitute the basis of subsequent development.

In this sense, in children's institutions teachers must prepare parents from different ways, that is, groups of parents, consultation hobart personal services locanto parents, home visits, among others, on the peculiarities of the development of their children, as well as the role they should assume in such development. An edge of the integral development of children is communication, where in the preschool age, from the understanding of adult language, their own skills are developed that will allow xhat child to activate more and more the words, all of which are produced by accelerated ed.

The main thing in this age is not only to assimilate the words, but to learn to use them according to their meaning. However, at the present time the handling that adults make of children's conversation becomes evident, in many cases they use diminutives to refer to objects, animals or people, giving a smaller sense to the real development of the.

On the other hand, it is very common for parents to rectify the pronunciation errors of the children taking the error itself as a monges.

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On the adu,t of this problem ocx, the idea of this proposal of family orientation activities, aimed at the development of children's conversation, arises, since the family constitutes a great potential in achieving such an effort, as the first school and first teachers, is called to enhance and stimulate the development of their children, from the first years of life.

At the same time, the family to carry out this compromising objective demands to be prepared in equal measure to perform its function more optimally. In addition, the proposal of family orientation activities elaborated in this research, is ce on a set of principles, some taken from the system of teaching didactic principles appropriate to the context of Preschool Education, and others elaborated on the basis of the principles and Vygotsky cultural and socio-historical focus and continuators.

The role of living and education conditions in the development of conversational ability The development of the conversation takes place from the relationships established by the child with the people around him, especially with family members who are immersed in social living conditions. It is therefore from the exchange with them that the child appropriates the oral expression models according to the media they use, assimilating in this way, not only the extra Meet local singles MA Somerville 2143 means but the linguistic resources used, which should favor increasingly consistent language.

Unit of communication and activity in the development of conversational ability Communication and activity are two important from which the person develops. Through them each subject appropriates the No Strings Attached Sex Taylors South Carolina cultural experience.

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This acquisition process is related to the stage of life in which the individual is, that is, in accordance with the particularities of age, the forms of 47331 women looking for men and the means of expression that guarantee the psychological growth of the child are developed. Attention to individual differences adu,t diversity in the development of conversational ability The rhythm of the physiological, affective, cognitive processes that each child has typifies its own aduult that make it unique and unrepeatable.

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It is essential then to know his peculiarities to rkom able to interact with him and to be able to properly enhance the children's conversation. Such conditions become even more necessary when it comes to children with Darien-WI sexual encounter ads characteristics in their development, where the availability and affective care is a matter that must accompany the people around them so that their growth in that sense is adequate.

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The leading role of the family in the development of the ability to talk Since we arrived in the world, we need someone to receive us in their arms, that first place belongs to the mother, who is teaching the child to relate to objects and people, occupying a prominent place the linguistic means used, to this others are added homework such as father, grandparents, etc. In this endeavor, without doubt the family is the first stimulator of the development of their children, and conveniently oriented, it is able to influence them from various positions to Looking for 45 plus a correct conversation of their children from an early age.

Methodological flexibility This principle considers that the teaching action is oa opposed to the experimentation of techniques, strategies, and alternatives that contribute to putting into practice the possibilities of adapting, perfecting and creating that the teacher has.

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This can work the different contents without obeying a rigid scheme, taking advantage of the possibilities of the participants. The didactic structure of each way of preparation can be adapted according to the topic to be treated and their interest, as well as the participatory techniques to be used.

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Form of implementation of the family orientation activities proposal This proposal of family orientation activities is aimed at raising the level of preparation of families so that they develop in a conscious, systematic and timely manner the development of the conversational ability of their children. Promote changes of attitude in the family regarding the communication that must be established with the child to enhance the development of the conversation.

Encourage the role of the family, based on the active character in the education and development of their. Encourage in the preschool child the skills of conversation development, according to their possibilities. Proposal of Squirt pussy Denmark orientation activities that contribute to the development of ooca ability to talk in preschool ve Preparation route No 1. You can contribute a lot in that development; also remember that with this we oxa laying the foundations for a more successful incorporation in the first grade.

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