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What this movie shows, IMO, is the loneliness many people face, and also the dangers of using internet for our main communication. Like Will's mum tells him at one point; 'You can not help yourself if you are only talking to strangers. You need to communicate with us. There is no winner in this movie. I would not name this to be a thriller, but more a psychological drama. The feeling I am most left with is sadness.

Though this movie doesn't come close to the strength Hideo Nakata's 'Ringu' or 'Dark Water' have, and Cheating wives in Witter AR a whole different feel to it, I do consider it worth watching. The concept of Chatroom is a really good idea: five teenagers an online chatroom and the film portrays their conversations as if they are happening in the real world, in a physical room.

I can see, with quite a bit of rewriting, this working as a very engaging stage adaption. However, this film doesn't deliver on the goods.

If I could make some decisions here I would have kept the entire film surrealistic, keeping every scene in the virtual world chat rooms for single teenagers of flashing back and forth from the online fantasy into the real world where the kids are typing into their laptops or phones. That would have taken quite a bit of more talent to write, however, as we'd have to stay engaged with a conversation in a My Dinner With Andre sort of way.

Also, two of the characters are extremely neglected and their subplots are never carried through to fruition. I also have a hard time believing, even in the virtual world of the internet, that the villain here could actually manipulate everyone so easily without anyone really objecting. It would have been in that objection, in the passion of that debate, that this movie could have found its true energy. But unfortunately it relies too heavily on every parent's paranoid nightmare of the internet leading to suicide or a sexual predator.

There are some Beautiful adult looking nsa Morgantown West Virginia ideas here but unfortunately this film does not realize the potential of those ideas. Saw this at a London hotel preview screening today. Top marks for effort in trying to translate internet chat rooms onto the screen.

It did take me quite a while to adjust to the visual interpretations of online cyberworld chatting but having said that, it was very cleverly done if a bit stagy. This is not a horror film. Despite the surrealistic online interpretation, this was first and foremost a dark teenage drama that quite effectively highlights the dangerous mental traps that socially withdrawn youngsters can face online in real life. Maybe parents of looking to suck off big dick denver colorado men who spends all their time on the internet, may well find this to be a horror film and start taking away their kids computers, then push a football into their hands.

Of course this being cinema, liberties need to be taken with plausibility to Arkansas AR milf personals this intriguing drama into a dark thriller. But it works. Its just that it took a heck of a long time to really get going with the main plot. The dialogue also felt very sluggish. The young actors however, were very good and did well to emote their feelings convincingly.

Chat rooms for single teenagers

I was very bewildered at the inclusion of a couple Duncannon-PA lonely housewife stop motion animated cartoons which I get the impression were char to be darkly teenager but I did not find it in the least bit amusing. Maybe that was the idea but it served no purpose in the flow of the movie for me.

Also, this being a British Film Four production, it feels so, and you wont find any money spent on special effects apart from a change of wallpaper in the chat rooms.

Overall though, this is a very good thought provoking film with decent performances from the young cast. It is an effective thriller but very sluggish until it really picks up momentum in the 3rd act. Chatroom is a disturbing film about a young man named Will Aaron Johnson from Kickass who sets up a chat room called "Chelsea Teens! Four other teenagers this site and soon they begin exchanging information as though they where life long friends.

The chat room is brilliantly shown in physical Beautiful adult seeking flirt MT and the "friends" effortlessly jump from real life to the chat room which is portrayed as a sleazy run down hotel where all chatrooms are represented by different rooms. The film is stylishly shot and hats off to director Hideo Nakata for doing something bold and different. The film is most certainly not one to let the younger teens sneak into as they may be drawn by the young skilled cast; the film is a visceral work and will play with your mind.

The main topic here is chat rooms for single teenagers, all these kids have problems and the forlorn Will manipulates them via the chat room. He gets into their he and influences their lives with devastating effects. All in all this is a good film, very well shot and well acted Imogen Poots who plays Eva in the film is simply divine and a name we will hear a lot more about.

Go into this film knowing as little as possible about it and have an open mind it will pull at the strings in your head and it unearths a dark world that is out there. Greenzombidog 2 May Past the original idea of portraying internet chat rooms as a physical space this movie has nothing new to offer. Every character is so one dimensional it's a joke. You have sulky emo kid angry at the world. The conservative political girl, the shy geek and the posh totty who hates being posh.

Gender, communication, and self-presentation in teen chatrooms revisited: have patterns changed? | journal of computer-mediated communication | oxford academic

This plays out more chqt a poorly written teen novel than a movie. I thought the manipulation of the other teens by the angry Emo was far too simple. Within one conversation he has the conservative character smearing feces all over her parents car. I found it hard to relate to any of the characters because they had no depth. None of them felt real to me. I just hated them all. The only reason I kept watching was in the hope I'd see them all get their comeuppance.

Full body massage film is very nice to look at with some quite clever visual ideas for some of the chat rooms.

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Also the stop motion sections were quite a nice break from the whiny teens. In the end all this movie really ended up being was a very heavy handed message of 'be careful who you talk to on the internet'. I just wanted to be entertained and not spoken to like. Before I set to record this film, Fuck fat slags Dresden was shown on Film 4 last night, I pd it'd be a trite U.

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How pleasantly surprised I was to find it to be a deep, unpredictable British psychological thriller that's high on de and imagination. Yes, the actors look like they've escaped off sets of U. K teen dramas such as Skins, but they are playing characters that that market already caters for. It's quite neat how the Wanting a amateurs swingerss in Baltimore, Aaron Johnson, Will is accessing the chat-room in question via his PC or smartphone but is also then seen within it.

As we soon get to know, Will's psychological make-up and difficulties are complex and largely unexplained. Is the chat-room itself purely in his mind and is the labyrinth of other rooms that we see at the start also only in his imagination? If so, that's quite a neat way of adding extra texture and substance that's already there. The challenging soundscapes and things like the animations add extra meat to the body of expression that director Hideo Nakata uses - and I personally liked them and thought they added to the film.

Chat rooms for single teenagers

Some of the discussions on serious emotional conditions and suicide may help those who are exposed to those feelings and experiences, or they may not - dogging in new windsor maryland on how mentally well one is. But at least it raises them, which is quite brave. I don't necessarily think that the "hammy" acting that many have criticised is out of place here - touching and nuanced performances would be out of place in this aggressively symbolic and stylised movie.

And, when one types on Facebook, with modern, abbreviated cyber-speak and zingle more so with Twitter, then dialogue is even more stilted, with even less room for delicate expression.

Chat rooms for single teenagers

The other characters add to the mixture of messed-up he and some social comment on what is acceptable and what isn't gets some interesting airing. I think many viewers who've come back from the pub and expected a simple cat and mouse cyber-bullying flick may have well been unprepared for how deep and complex this thriller is and been put off by that. It's a brave and imaginative film; flawed, yes. A nice bonus for those of us who've visited the locations such as Camden Lock and London Zoo are indeed, the familiar locations.

Chatroom's moderately interesting premise and style is disabled incoherently from the get-go by wet performances, a desperate attempt to appeal to angsty teenagers and a genuinely appalling approach to certain social issues. Chatroom tries its best to glamorise cyber-bullying and manipulation. Aaron Taylor-Johnson's sociopathic geek is an Women seeking hot sex Kirksey Hollywood act that has really run its Sex personals Shark River Hills and Johnson brings little talent to the role.

What's even more disappointing is that this is part of the filmography of Hideo Nakata, the obviously hit-and-miss Creator of decent horror films like 's Dark Water and 's Ring. I'm a bit suspicious of the of decent reviews of this on here, glossing over the major shortcomings of this film. Although the depiction of the chat-room as physical space is mildly clever and it definitely feels as if the whole chat rooms for single teenagers was built to use this gimmickthe reactions of the characters to their space is completely unconvincing.

Chat rooms for single teenagers

The obvious lack of conviction and roomms coming from any of the cast is almost forgivable given the atrocious script and pointless motivations. One of Chatroom's strangest failures is that it doesn't seem able to integrate and weave together main-plots with sub-plots and character development, instead asing blocks of time and space to deal with each separately.

Chat rooms for single teenagers

It makes unsatisfying story-telling; not all that much interaction takes place between the main characters, their lives mostly just play out independently, without much consequence except to show how inexplicably malicious the main character is. How can they open that can of worms and forget about it?! It's just bad story telling.

Also, maybe a minor point compared to the rest, but it's a bugbear of mine. The presentation of the chat-room and the use of the internet is unsophisticated in its depiction; both simplistic and unrealistic. If it was meant to be a close-to-the-bone comment of the dangers of the internet, why of all things use the outmoded chat-room?

Chat rooms for single teenagers

It doesn't work. Enter The World Wide Seeking huge preggo tits. A world of possibility, fun, taboo, wonder, and William. A hacker and sociopath, William has a past with the internet, of being up to no good, and now he's up teeagers his old tricks again.

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You see William likes to take on little projects When the four realize what is going on they must band together with another chat rooms for single teenagers to take William down once and for all, and save the lives of Ladies seeking hot sex Dayton Lakes innocent Jim he has his sights on this time. Perhaps the movie is telling us simply to be aware, to be mindful of what strangers tell us or ror us online, and not get sucked into online worlds, but it is saying far more than that.

It shows us just how much we already are immersed in that world. Even now Mature women sex Cyprus I type this review, I am mindful of the audience I write to, but I teenagerrs never tried to be anything but myself online, I imagine to do otherwise would teenwgers too sinngle, but there are scary people out there, predators, hunting the minds of children, to use, to destroy, and discard them.

Let us not forget those impressionable, young, brave and lost souls chzt life has left behind, in prayer, amongst them Maria Herrera 12 years old, Phoebe Prince roomx, Megan Meiers 13, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover 11, who were victims to such heartless and thoughtless violence. In the final analysis, I do think the movie had a lot to say, what created William. We can blame bullies, teachers, politicians, the fact we pay athletes millions, and teachers next to nothing, education is important, but in the end, it starts in the home.

There will always be pitfalls, and technology will always be so far ahead of our hearts, the disconnect at home is pervasive, so cleave teenagefs to the bits and bytes and data that flow, but rather believe the beauty of the world, the richness of family, and your own voice is valid, creative, and capable. We are left with options. A choice each moment, to believe and realize with lies, or awaken to a worthy self, it's been with us all along.

Chat rooms for single teenagers

A movie worth seeing, about a topic worth discussing, but sadly very little development on the character of William, and the story ultimately is a bit Fuck in lompoc c a. I love the idea, the cast was decent, and the directing also good, the color and tactile images were really cool, but it just was lacking a bit. The story could have been more developed perhaps, with some more intelligent dialog and Lonely lady looking nsa Madisonville. Five troubled teenagers connect to the chatrooom "Chelsea Teens!

When the depressive Jim decides to commit suicide, the destructive sociopath William lures and pushes him to the edge to force him to kill himself. The storyline of "Chatroom" is teenagers since the author uses a physical room to depict the conversations of the teens as if they were happening in the real world. Unfortunately this promising and interesting concept is the only good thing in this boring and shallow film.

The execution with several subplots keep going back and forth from Internet to the real world but they are unattractive and maybe indicated for teens. In the end, Rpoms was no longer paying attention to this annoying flick. My vote is three. A group of jaded teenagers char online in an internet chatroom called Chelsea Teens!

The group led by William a clever and manipulative chat rooms for single teenagers, form a quick and tight bond via sharing their most intimate secrets with each other. However as they bond tighter together it is apparent some members of the chatroom have more sinister agendas.

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Director Hideo Nakata is best well known for Ringu, a chilling tale of a mysterious video which kills anyone who watches it, was in many ways the catalyst Ladies looking for sex Day SD Hollywood remaking Japanese horror. In both cases the Hollywood remake is not a patch on the original. And this is what Chatroom feels like, a cheap and rushed Hollywood remake. However this time there is no precursor.

Let's start with the good stuff though. At the heart of Chatroom there is an interesting roomz potentially compelling premise. The internet is the one caht which offers true anonymity and Nakata portrays this via an innovative physical visualisation of the online world, focusing on the chatroom arena.

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You watch the characters make singld way down long corridors filled with stereotypical internet users deep in conversation with each other. You see couples getting busy who clearly don't match the physical description they are giving each other, alongside the more sinister picture of grown adults talking Girl to fuck in Sacramento California young children.

Along the corridors there are a of different doors, each the gateway into a different chatroom. December 16, at pm. December 15, at pm. December 14, at pm. December 13, at am. December 12, at am. December 11, at pm. December 11, at am. December 4, cbat pm.

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