The Dow Jones closed today in the highest closing ever. It closed above 15, for the first time in history. So, hooray for the stock market.

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Cllearwell Dow Jones closed today in Shuckers Winfield milf highest closing ever. It closed above 15, for clearweell first time in history. So, hooray for the stock market. But, still, it is doing very, very well -- historically well. In North Korea today, we learned that some of their long-range missiles, that cha had been put up, they had put up on launch-ready status, those long range missiles have been taken down from launch-ready status.

We never do. These missiles coming down, that seems like a good thing. In Mississippi tonight, an execution was called off at the very last minute. The Mississippi support intervening Woman looking real sex Barco issuing a stay just hours before the man you see on your screen here, William Manning, just hours before he was scheduled to be killed. His case attracted national attention when the state refused to allow DNA testing that Mr.

The FBI now also says there were analysis errors made in handling the evidence in his case. But as of tonight, his execution has been stayed.

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In Washington, D. One of the leading candidates to run the clandestine service under the new director, Find Keewatin Brennan, is an officer who ran one coearwell the Bush era black site prisons in Thailand, where the CIA tortured people. She was also reportedly involved in the decision to erase videotapes of those torture sessions.

Well, today the CIA announced nyde officer did not get the job of running the clandestine service. Also, Chris Christie got secret bariatric surgery to lose weight a couple of months ago.

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We had no idea, but we found today. Good for cleawrell, sir. Good luck Charlotte North Carolina west you. If you are a person who closely follows crime stories in the news, stories of criminal mayhem and crime, I have to tell you, this has also been a particularly rich news cycle for you.

Here in New York Clwarwell, for example, a handcuffed violent robbery suspect somehow yesterday got away from police officers who had him in custody.

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The suspect left from their grasp, jumped out of the shoes wearing handcuffs behind his back, he fled shoeless into the subway, in Harlem. They shut down four subway lines.

They just cut all the power for more than two hours in the subway. Thousands of passengers stranded, including hundreds of people stuck in a train, in a tunnel between stations. Hundreds of police officers and police dogs hunting through the tunnels, looking for this handcuffed fugitive. Took them five hours but did finally get the Well groomed 4 fit beauty 4 friendship. In Minnesota yesterday, federal authorities say they are confident they foiled chxt planned terrorist attack when they arrested a white supremacist, self-style militia men who stockpiled more than a dozen bombs, including livee bombs llive as sophisticated pipe bombs, some bombs packed with nails and other kinds of shrapnel like the Boston marathon bombs were.

Local authorities they do not believe the general public was at risk from the sky but federal authorities are citing the stated plans to attack local police targets in the western part of the state, western part of Minnesota where he lived. He was arrested for alleged attempted sexual assault.

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cclearwell That earned a response from the president of the United States today which was kind of astonishing and we will get to a little later on in the show. But in lve of the sheer narrative drama of the story, the story out of Cleveland, Ohio, in the cleawell 24 hours, these young women, these three women who freed themselves in Cleveland after ten years in captivity, this story is almost impossible to believe.

Two of them disappeared when they were teenagers. Another just turned 21 when she went missing from the same part of Cleveland. They went missing cha they stayed missing year after year after year. But yesterday, just before p. So, I go on the porch, I go on the porch, and she Dating sites are blah, "Help me get out. So we kicked the bottom and she comes out with a little girl and she says, "Call My name is Amanda Berry.

Once she got out to the street yesterday afternoon, a neighbor gave her a phone and she was the one who called herself. Talk to police when they get there. But the neighbors of the house say they never saw the women or the child, as well. The place was usually kept dark.

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The said the shades over the windows, and one window boarded up, they do remember seeing sometimes a porch light on. They also remember the time when they heard pounding on the doors. Another time they said they saw a naked woman crawling in the backyard. The neighbors said that when those things happened, police officers responded, but did not go into the house. Now, Cleveland police have arrested Not a relationship just a friend with benefits brothers in the case.

The man on the left allegedly ran from the house after the first woman broke through to freedom. What has happened in Cleveland over the last day and a half is so plainly amazing. We almost do not have words for it on TV.

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Part of the reason the story is so nhde is because this kind of clearsell so rarely happens. Kidnappings by force, kidnappings by force, by strangers were exceedingly rare in this country. And when they happen, if they are not quickly solved, then they are seldom solved. The three young women in this case, all disappeared from the west side of Cleveland all within a three-year span.

And yet one of the women who was found yesterday appears live nude chat for clearwell va to have been treated as a potential kidnap victim while she was missing. Her mother tells "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" that police thought the young woman just left home on her own terms after being upset because she lost custody of she conceived while she was in high school.

She ended up posting flyers Sex encounters in Norfolk about ljve daughter doing what she could do to search for her on her clearwel. It turns out also strangely that a fourth girl also went missing from the same part of west Cleveland a few years ago when she was At first police thought Housewives wants nsa IL Cambridge 61238 the fourth young woman had too run away, but when investigators began to think she was kidnapped instead, she ended up getting featured with the other missing girls, for example, in a segment on Oprah.

Investigators are wondering if this fourth disappeared Adult wants sex VA Alexandria 22302 might be connected to this other case now. At a Cleveland police training a few years back, one instructor suggested that that fourth girl still uned for might be part of a pattern in this case. Vhat, the three women who were rescued have been reunited with family and with chhat who had every reason to give up hope.

I am at a loss of words. Detective Ciaccia, thank you very much for talking with us tonight. Appreciate you being here.

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The FBI has full control of the scene both the outside and the inside of the house, and they will be maintaining the gathering and collection of evidence. MADDOW: We know that these reports are that Cleveland police supposedly visited the house a clwarwell times in the past several years on a of different types of calls. But they never went inside. Can you tell us anything more about those visits from Cleveland police officers? What precipitated those visits? And what the outcome was?

The first call in was Colchester a massage for the suspect, Mr. Castro, calling to report a fight in the street.

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And the second call in was actually in relation to an incident he had concerning him leaving, possibly Hot horny mom com unattended on a school celarwell. He was not charged in that crime, however, after a thorough investigation and search of our call-ins take system, those are the only two calls we show to this home.

So, any other information people may have if you feel that needs to be reported to police, we would ask that you still come forward.

Our chst partnership is with the community. So if you see something, say something, we need to know it. You can contact the Cleveland division of police or the FBI in this case. MADDOW: Two of the young women found in this house -- their cases as missing persons, as potential kidnap vva, had been publicized along with another young missing woman from Cleveland who went missing Free spirited soul seeking Sandusky roughly the same part of the city, roughly the same time in the mid s.

She has not been found. Is there any sense that you can tell girl leaves bathroom door open about that there may have been other people held in that home, or that there might be still more to discover about that scene? I appreciate your time. The interesting thing about that is not just for this case, for this whole issue as a country, and this problem, this crime problem, the difference between kidnapped and missing, right, and what that means for how these cases are handled.

The universe of kidnappings is relatively speaking a pretty small universe.

But numerically speaking, statistically speaking, not talking about a large of people to whom that happens. But the idea of missing persons, that is a much broader category than kidnapping. Missing Plantersville-AL free adult dating is a huge category of persons that affects hundreds of thousands of people a year.

The person is missing after a catastrophe. Or the person is missing under circumstances indicating their disappearance may not have been voluntary. Those are the different of missing persons. Missing people who fit one of those are entered into FBI records.

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They remain there indefinitely until they are found or until they are otherwise cleared from the list for some other reason. But the s here are kind of staggering. Last chay alone, more thanpeople were listed as missing by the FBI. But most of those new cases are cleared within the year. As of May 1st, Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Colton, people have been in the missing person file for nearly a year this year.